Is it just me or is McDonald’s messing with my mind?  

50 Chicken nuggets for $9.99?!?!?!? Bastards must have known me in college.  

R-Dogg and his bitches


So crunchy on the outside / So deliciously fake on the inside.  

The buckets of sauce (our favorites in order: BBQ, sweet/sour, honey) on the ready…waiting for the luscious dunk.  

Those odd-shaped nuggets are perfectly G-B-D (Golden Brown and Delicious).  

Fond memory: I ate 44 McNuggets in one sitting my sophomore year in college. Ah, the memories. 

Fast forward to 2010: Trying to fight the freakin urge to order 50 McNuggets.  

50 of you little bastards...


I should just dip my finger into BBQ sauce. Maybe that will stave off the McNugget urge. 

Like an addict, I get the shakes every time I pass by the GBD those golden arches.


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