Spending some time amongst the veggies today as we know there are a bunch of them waiting for us.  

Comparatively, our tomatos were two weeks behind the 2008 and 2009 planting. No worries, our stuff still looks great.

QuarryLaneFarms gigantic tomatos

Romas looked great!  

QuarryLaneFarms Romas

Love how our cherry tomatos come in throughout the entire summer. So versatile!  

QuarryLaneFarms Cherry Tomatos

Our sneaky plan to avert Ohio’s deer was to plant this ground cover which should have acted as a repellent. As you can see, that plan failed miserably.  

QuarryLaneFarms Jalapenos

Side notes: Old wives tales of dog urine, human urine, human hair, dog hair, fencing, auto motion lights…..NOTHING WORKS! We think our AR is the only solution.  

QuarryLaneFarms deer solution

A few mariachi peppers are doing well. Though, we have never made anything with them, we are open to suggestions.  

QuarryLaneFarms Mariachi peppers

We love Mariachi bands.  

Since the little invasion shown here, our brusselsprouts are back. Still a bit small, but trudging along.  

QuarryLaneFarms Brussel Sprouts

Our basil has turned into a forest and thanks to a few tips from our readers (@srouser and @sarahg113), we now have ideas on how to use it all.  

QuarryLaneFarms Basil forest

And of course our mint. Seriously, this is more aggressive than those Guidos on Jersey Shore. Yes, we have a Mint Situation.  

QuarryLaneFarms Mint

Speaking of The Situation, if you’re a firefighter, dinner’s on us tonight. 

Firefighters, free dinner tonight only

Spending time reflecting on the importance of the September 11 in the peace of our veggies…and hoping for world peace.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…