We’ve been trying to hold on to the last warm days of summer.   

And if you remember your own childhood, who doesn’t love a good fruit cup?   

Canned mixed fruit


Here at QuarryLaneFarms we’re not big on dessert. We tend to focus on apps, soup, salad, dinner, etc…And to boot, people usually don’t order dessert here. So our dessert menu isn’t that large: Rootbeer float, PBJ Ice Cream with granola, and the QLF Fruit Cup.   

Yep-I said fruit cup.   

QLF Fruit Cup


We often serve with a scoop of marscapone cheese or vanilla bean ice cream (Pierres, Mitchells, or Jenni’s). Why martini glasses? Cause no one really orders martinis here. Plus it elevates the colors and fruits closer to the patron eyes. Plus as a child, didn’t you LOVE getting tall food? Frosty martini glasses help keep it cool and of course patrons always like to see frosty. What fruits do we use? Whatever tastes good and in season so when trolling around at your local farmer’s markets – taste before you buy. Oh, and as you can see, our expiditer adds a bit of microplaned nutmeg before the send. Trust me-a must add.   

So if you want a souffle cake or a tart, you’re gonna have to call your mom.   

You can make fun our or dessert menu, or lack thereof…just remember two words – childhood simplicity.   

So raise a martini glass of dessert for the last bit of summer!   

Reporting live from QuarrylaneFarms…