Chicken and waffles seem to illicit feelings of warm kid-time awesome childhood memories.  

Chicken & Waffle Man - Thanks to MeSoHungry


Not us. We don’t feel squat.  

Now granted, we didn’t grow up with Chicken and Waffles. BUT I remembered a few hot foodie friends saying that we should review the Chicken and Waffles at Southside. Fast forward: Went to Southside in Tremont and happened to see Chicken and Waffles on the menu.  

Waffle me please!


Now prior to this visit, we’ve had bad experiences with their foods (ie saran wrap microwaved in the cold meatloaf-nuff said). We figured that there is no way to get saran wrap involved with Chicken and waffles.  

From the Southside menu: “Chicken & Waffles: Airline chicken breast, belgian waffles, cinnamon butter, maple syrup, powdered sugar, hotsauce ($8.50)” 

“Chicken & waffles please?”  

Southside's Syrup with waffle and soft chicken


*On arrival, we instantly noticed the chicken was drowning in the syrup. Say it with me peeps, “Fried Chicken and waffles”. It is NOT syrup with chicken and waffles. QLF Commentary: I live for crunchy.  

*Butter? Consider putting it under the chicken. A mis-shapen-Franken-pat shape is not appealing. And, more importantly, good fried chicken doesn’t need anymore fat. What cinnamon? QLF Commentary: Butter goes on waffles – not on fried chicken.  

*The whole idea is the contrasting difference between the crunchy outside of the waffle and the soft insides – Syrup helps the two get along. QLF Commentary: Patrons want it all – crunchy vs soft.  

*The fried chicken should be unadulterated and left for the savory-ness itself. The chicken should not be covered drenched molested in every nook and cranny with syrup. QLF Commentary: If you crazytown syrup the world, aim JUST for your waffle.  

*The waffle appears to be normal and NOT eggo-like…otherwise OK. QLF Commentary: Perhaps a thicker waffle.  

*Powdered white stuff (sugar) was snorted off by Paris Hilton before it was brought to our table. QLF Commentary: If you list it, you should have it.  

*This dish should be the perfect representation of salty, savory, sweet and spicy. Yep-everything.  All I got was Cleatus-riding-his-John-Deere-tractor-deep-throating-his-syrup-jug. Woof. QLF Commentary: Kinda like Prince’s song, you need syrup control.  


All syrup all the time


*Fried Chicken skin wasn’t as crispy. Compared to KFC or Poppeys who basically bake their chicken under heat lamps for hours – Southside should at least have some crunch to their skin. QLF Commentary: I should be able to hear my first bite into your fried chicken.  

As you can see this early in the dish, I was doing Michael Phelps style laps in the pool of syrup.  

Sea of syrup - glug glug glug


At least they didn’t drown it with the siracha.  

Ahem–We will continue to search for better Chicken and Waffles. Suggestions anyone?  

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