Today’s cooler weather and upcoming rain made me think about Chef Jonathon Sawyer and his ramps. 


This is a ramp


Wait, aren’t these ramps? 

These are ramps (Modeled by Dave Whittaker of Live to Cook...At Home)


Basically, a mix between an onion and garlic. Mmmmmmm. 

Ramps on the ready


Back to the Greenhouse Tavern’s ramp dish that I dreamed about: Half roasted Chicken in Brioche Bread w/ fennel, onions, herbs & jus. My mouth is watering again. 

First off, this dish looks like a titanic calzone. It appears beached on the plate, simple and clean with no garnishes. And it is served with a steak knife, so you know Chef Sawyer means businesses (biznass). 

Half roasted Chicken in Brioche Bread w/ fennel, onions, herbs & jus


The mounting tension builds as you break into the brioche, the warm rich inviting chicken aroma and pungent ramps clear your mind and makes the days problems disappear. The au jus covers the bottom of the plate and envelopes you in a warm chicken soup blanket. The chicken is tender and oh so juicy as it continues to baste itself in its own jus. On the inside of the brioche, the ramps sneakily attach itself to everything, making sure the patron is well aware of the salty-savory-warm-goodness about to be had: “Thanks be to ramps”. 

*It’s like chicken soup in a bun. 

*It’s like heaven in a brioche. 

*It’s like a warm chicken blanket. 

*It’s like a brioche had sex with a chicken in a field of ramps. 

Um….Maybe I need to head to @thegreenhouse and talk with Chef Sawyer (@jonathonsawyer) and Amelia (@Chefswidow) again. 

And yes, I’d cast my vote for @JoeG2001 as Mayor. 

The Greenhouse Tavern 

2038 E. 4h Street 

Cleveland, Ohio 44115 

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