QuarryLaneFarms will be closed from September 30th thru October 10th.

Where are we going? Food exploration to LA and Vegas (and hopefully, we’ll remember some of it!).

Welcome to Vegas (Photo cred: Mark Mosher)

But while in LA and Vegas, our list (for your review):

Father’s Office – Thanks to Chef Sang Yoon and Chef Daniel Boulud (After Hours)

Pink’s – Yes, will make it into #HD2010.

Kogi Truck – The hunt is on!

Ludo Bites – Because we are praying that Chef Ludo Lefebvre (@chefludo) will say “6.0 in Fall 2010” starts on 10-01-10.

Philippe’s – OK we’ve been there already, but ITS. SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Roscoe’s Chicken ‘n Waffles – Just cause (Thanks to @chicrunner)

Joel Robuchon – The most influential Chef of this century gets the nod. Mmmmmm. Bourdain would be pleased.

Fleur de Lys – Chef Hubert Keller’s place – who doesn’t love him? Never fear, we still love Eric Ripert (@ericripert)

Lotus of Siam – @Cleveland222 and @Khwatts highly reco

Street – Top Chef Master Susan Feniger’s restaurant.

California Hotel Aloha Specialties – for their plate lunches of Portuguese Sausage Eggs and rice, saimin, etc…

In-n-Out Burger – 2 Double doubles-animal style with crispy-fries animal style please.

Jack in the Box – Cause I need me some tacos!

RM Seafood – Chef Rick Moonen (@RickMoonen) fortress of seafood. Thanks @JoeG2001 for the reco.

Let us know if we are missing any key places/recommendations.


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