After being in LA for less than 24, we have stopped at 4 of the restaurants on our list. Awww yeah.

We had, what I consider as one of the best sandwiches in the world, Philippe’s where they dip your ENTIRE sandwich in the au jus from heaven. Dip me in your au jus please.

The best beef dipped sandwich

BUT most world-changing so far? I would say Yogurtland.


24 different flavors of soft self-serve yogurt with about a billion toppings. Huge bonus points for the mini-mochi balls. Winner winner yogurt dinner. Beats the sterile tall counter ordering system used by old school ice cream shops with the view down barrels. Two words: SELF SERVE! Who doesn’t love that?!!??!!?

This is a game-changer for sure. Best thing I ever ate!

Cleveland peeps – listen up! If you want to be a billionaire, you should start one up. Trust me on this one.

No doubt that we will be stopping here again…and again…..and again….and again.

Today’s plans include Beverly Hills, PCH, and of course more food. Any recommendations?

Reporting live from LA…off to Beverly Hills!