Along with all the rest of the celebrity haunts like Mr. Chows, The Ivy, etc…those celebs should add one more place to their list…Father’s Office.

Daniel Bouloud has raved about this place on his show “After Hours”, I think Bourdain mentioned them in various places too as Chef Sang Yoon has produced a gem of a gastropub.

Service was excellent as the wait staff picked up all plates approx 30 seconds after finishing. Johnny on the spot. Also helped too that we had the best table in the house too.

Beer selection as far as the eye can see – and hilariously, no domestics. To us, they treated every single beer like royalty.

Aside from the sautéed mushrooms, soft shell MD crabs, the classic French bone marrow, Sweet potato fries with garlic aioli, etc…..I can only show you the burger from last night that transformed me into pure unadulterated gratifying moans. Pure beauty in a basket as this succulent perfectly matched burger encompassed sweet, salty and most importantly, savory.

In our humble opinion, 3 major key points:

1. Bun – Firm, soft and chewy.

2. Patty – Like a virgin pure, simple, and fresh.

3. Onion confit jam – just like making out with your best friends sister…devious in nature.

Father's Office Burger

Shhhh…I think you just wet yourself.

This is QuarryLaneFarms reporting live from LA…