Hello DTLA (DownTownLosAngeles)!

We came. We saw. We ate us some banh mi sandwiches. And. It. Was. Frickin. Incredible.

Some of you might know these folks…from Food Network show – The Great Food Truck Race (They were our pick for winners – the Nomnom truck!)

DTLA for the famous Nomnomtruck

Got a chance to talk to the crews for a LONG while and they were SO nice! Super friendly and totally cool.

Our order? Honey grilled pork  banh mi and lemongrass chicken banh mi washed down with a basil lemonade.

PERFECT Honey grilled pork banh mi sandwich (@nomnomtruck)

Perfect LA-Monday food exploration!

The perfect bite into our banh mi sandwich

Thanks again to all of the crews today who had a chance to chat for a while.

We will have a more in-depth review (and a ton of pictures too) of the Nomnomtruck, crews, and award winning banh mi sandwiches at a later date…but we were off to explore Las Vegas.

Oh yes, Vegas.

QuarryLaneFarms reporting live from VEGA$$$$$$….