As we continue our Vegas food exploration, we trekked over to a recommendation from our Hawaii ohana (family). 

Hikari in Las Vegas


Located WAY off the strip, Hikari is located in a strip mall with an unassuming facade. 

Hikari in Las Vegas


Claim to fame? All you can eat sushi. 

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, our usual marker for good edo style sushi is eel (unagi). 

Hikari's edo style eel unagi


Hikari’s cutting skills are left to be desired. 

Here’s another example of poor workmanship. It’s like a blob of maguro slowly taking over your plate. 

Hikari's maguro cut with a plastic spork


And the piece de resistance at Hikari…the crazytown chef. 

Hikari has a crazy chef


He smirked while he shoved his wait staff to the side to insisting to take our order (wasn’t very good). 

He laughed in our face and made fun of our staff for ordering a house salad. 

He paced around the restaurant looking for social skills. 

We decided not to make eye contact with nut bag for the rest of the night. 

Wait staff was super nice. They apologized for crazytown chef all night long. 

Overall, decent “all you can eat” sushi-espically on a Tuesday night. 

QuarryLaneFarms reporting live from Vega$$$$$…