Wish we attended the “Dinner in the Dark” tonight at @AMP150Cleveland .

...in the dark

I know fo sure Chef Ellis brought his A-game for the foodies attending.


What is Dinner in the dark?

THE IDEA: An impromptu dinner designed to stimulate your palate and surprise your taste buds by offering you no idea of what you will eat or drink or who will be cooking for you.

Imagine allowing yourself to let go of your inhibitions and enjoy great food and wine from some of Cleveland’s best chefs, by allowing them to indulge in their most inner creativeness and challenge your senses.

HOW IT WORKS: Guest will make reservations at Verve for selected dates. Participating Chefs will create dishes of their whim. No rules, no secret ingredients — just food straight from their heart and soul, however they see the beauty of food through their own eyes. Libations will be paired with each course.

1) Bring Cleveland’s best chefs together to share their passions with each other and all who appreciate great food
2) Create a viable outlet for Chefs to give back through charitable contributions
Products: The most unique dining experience Cleveland has to offer.


Great food, great cause, and awesome foodies! So are we in on the next one? You bet.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….