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So our few observations from our trek through Food Network’s Fabulous Food Show held in Cleveland November 12-14, 2010:

Fabulous Food Show

1. For a town that’s ALWAYS accused of being overweight and WAY into food, this show was not well attended.

Why not so busy?

Just walking around, it seemed a bit empty.

Not that busy at all

Well, maybe everyone was home watching Iron Chef Michael Symon, Chef Giada DeLaurentiisChef Guy Firei, or Alton Brown on Food Network already.

2. We have one of the industry’s greatest resources for farm fresh veggies right in Ohio…but yet, no where to be found on the roster.

Farmer's Market Stage

The Chef’s Garden should have been invited. And yes, IRL-Farmer Lee Jones is a REALLY SUPER nice guy.

3. People that build gingerbread houses are amazing.

Can I live there?

Mine NEVER turn out like these.

I kinda want to live here too

Yep-I suck.

4. Vitamix surely pushes their wares hard.


We’re just waiting to see the famous Live to Cook at Home blogger Dave Whittaker doing a demo.

5. The wine garden was not worth it.

6 for $20? Bah humbug!

Do you know what $20 can buy you? Seriously? Help a fellow foodie out!

6. Who the hell comes to a “Food Show” and buys a scarf?

"Thought it was I bought a scarf!"

That’s like going to a strip club because they have the best roast beef sandwich in town.

"But honey, the wings are SO good..."

I know you have to sell space…but this one was a bit far-fetched.

PEOPLE! It’s about food. That’s why you’re reading this blog right? FOOD!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…