Slinked on by a rather “new” restaurant in Highland Heights called Wellington’s “W Bar & Grill”.

Wellington Bar & Grill

According to the staff, this party center turned into the local “Oh So Hard To Find” (sarcasm now) Bar & Grill in every neighborhood is the best thing since sliced bread. Note: “national *neighborhood* chain restaurants” should NOT be considered as a requirement in your community.


According to the sign, they serve “great food on a plate”.

Signs by Lt. Duh and Capt. Obvious

Good thing as I would have probably turned around if it said “serving shit in a wrapper”. Clearly, Lieutenant Duh and Captain Obvious works here-duh.

Surprisingly when menu is opened, W Bar & Grill has quite an expansive


menu with a few daily specials and of course weekly specials.

more of the menu

Seemingly endless menu of sandwiches, I figured they specialized in sandwiches…So I can’t think of anything better than to further this stereotype of Bar & Grill type places like the Monte Cristo Wellington.

Who doesn't love sandwiches?

Monte Cristo Wellington: Our house specialty-triple decker with turkey, ham and swiss cheese, egg coated & sauteed, sprinkled with powered sugar. Served with maple syrup and french fries – $7.95.

As I waited for my food and adult beverage, I glanced around the bustling dining room.

Despite the place being a vast wasteland of nothingness, I was overwhelmed with a gigantic TV to keep their bartenders occupied when the place is….er…not busy.

Maybe if they had a good show on TV...

The decor of the place reminds me of a dance hall force-fed with decorations from a used stuffy old irish bar. Pleather and fake shiny things adorned the empty place.

Proudly serving two only beers from the tap, my Coors arrived in a smaller glass with a good friend Mr. Popcorn – big kudos for serving beer WITH popcorn.

Coors and popcorn

As I waited for the Monte Cristo to arrive, the gal brought over some typical accoutrements for fries. “House Recipe” ketchup and mustard. *Sigh* this isn’t going to go over well is it?

Doubt that it is "House" stuff

Shortly after, my Monte Cristo Wellington arrived with a coffee cup half full of maple syrup. Yep, I said coffee cup.

Wellington's Monte Cristo

As you can see, sandwich was more bread than anything else. Maybe she mistook my order for french toast. The fries were sub par being cold when I had my first one. Additionally, I find it quite tough to digest maple syrup from a cup with a spoon. How about a small dish just on the plate? Why waste a good coffee cup and saucer…Maybe Wellington Bar & Grill just hates their dishwashers.

Finally, there seems to be a shortage on powdered sugar. My allocated portion was smaller than what I’m used to. Maybe they are in deficit spending mode.

The wait staff was nice and my beers were frosty Coors cold and their smaller beer glasses made me feel big.

Overall? For frosty Coors from a small glass and never ending popcorn, this is your place to go.

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