Let’s face it, tater tots are straight up awesome.

Dim And Den Sum's Tater Tots (@DimAndDenSum)

Golden-Brown-Delicious (GBD) is the perfect snack for anyone!

Tater Tots....Mmmmmm

Of course we went overboard at Happy Dog and ordered these with melted cheese, bacon, and grilled onions on it.

Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnnn! (said as the two syllable Damn!)

Delicious morsels of love…now that’s a party in my pants!

Tot me you sexy cheese

For us it’s almost guaranteed cause if it’s on the menu, we’ll order it!

Lick it!

Crispy, crunchy, warm, salty, savory – just the perfect snack food to greedily. eat. all. by. yourself.

Gimmie some of your tots!

We’re jonesing for G-B-D tater tots now…I bet you are too.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms