I realize that eating fried chicken did not make us warm yesterday.

Thanks to @srouser for sending us to “Mr. Wonderful’s” in Willoughby Hills, our visit to this single room takeout counter did not help satisfying our dream of the magical Chicken and Waffles.

Mr. Wonderful's Chicken and Waffles (3n2)

Yep-it’s called “Mr. Wonderful’s” and it’s in Willoughby Hills.

Yes, it's really called "Mr. Wonderful's"

Initial thoughts? They must contract with a mini-chicken farm cause I haven’t seen these kinds of tiny breasts since 7th grade.

Small breasts, thighs, etc...

Maybe I should continue to hold out on the California institution known as Roscoe’s Chicken-n-Waffles.

BUT – we were quite surprised by the “Sweet Baby Jesus” sauce.

Of course the full review soon.

Keep the bojangles warm kids…I’m thinking of our own Cream of chicken wild rice and mushrooms tonight.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…