Was trying fo look da new Waiola Shave Ice place (Our entire staff here was having a hard time locating Waiola Shave Ice).

But de wen move (But apparently they moved about a year ago).

Waiola Shave Ice

No worries, we found em (Don’t fret kind sir, we identified their new location).

They stay on da street behind the Karoke Hut and On On Drive Inn in Kaimuki (They are located at 2135 Waiola Ave in Honolulu, Hawaii).

But da house so manini kine now (But the place of service isn’t very large).

Tell the pake guy wat you like (Tell the man at the window what you would like to order)

Fo order here

Look busy for go make the shave ice yeah? (Their staff working hard making shave ice for all of their customers).

Inside Waiola

No be like the haoles and call it “Shaved Ice” – bum bai I going broke your face (Don’t be a tourist  and call it “Shaved Ice” or else I’m going to beat you up).

I like da guava flavor (I like guava flavored shave ice).

Guava Shave Ice

 Whoa brah, broke da mouth! (Whoa-it is very delicious)

Eh bradda, Alohas from Hawaii (Reporting live from Hawaii…)