Dessert? Are you kidding me?

Well, thanks to theEK (@jillsur) and Midori (@Tracie209), this restaurant and dessert has made our official “must have” dessert in Hawaii.



Where could we get this? Say hello to Shokudo Japanese (@Shokudo).

Shokudo means “dining room” in Japanese…so obviously this is where you go to eat, drink, etc…you get the idea. But located on Kapiolani adjacent to Ala Moana with a glut of tourists shuffling around – I seriously had my doubts of this place.

Upon entering, we plopped ourselves at the busy bar. With a very frosty glass of draft Kirin Ichiban, our visit included a birthday celebration, food and food and food, well-basically everything…the bar staff was very accomodating. Seriously, can’t begin to tell you how incredible the two gals that were working the bar…they were awesome. Strong drinks and nice bar tenders – Supah nice too!

Back to the dessert.

Honey Toast: “The specialty of the house-Thick Japanese white toast cutout and cubed, drizzled with honey and topped with vanilla ice cream” $7.45

Just cause you’re die-hard foodies – I’ll save you some time: Here’s your google search (fo reals) and Here’s your google image search (see I wasn’t lying). Now check our new favorite Honey Toast-

Our decadent dessert: Shokudo's Honey Toast

Not only does this sound so decadent, the dessert itself is huge. Consider sharing…maybe.

As big as your head...

Every bite should include some bread, honey, and ice cream.

My first love

One bite, guaranteed you’re in love.

Reporting live as I slip into a diabetic coma….