Yo Ripert-

Forget that Bourdain guy (@NoReservations) – His pimp hand isn’t as strong as yours. 


…And thanks to Chef Ripert (@ericripert) for posting this picture.

Chef Eric Ripert's best day ever

Cooking on the beach sounds like IS truly the best idea ever. #caymancookout

Bikinis, cooking, and boobs…particularly Top Chef Jennifer Carroll – HOTNESS! Seriously, how can you concentrate?!??!?!?!

Major man points attained with your cigar, but your flaming-homo coconut fufu drink brings you back down. Oh yeah, you’re French so it’s OK to be a bit on the fem side. Good thing you didn’t bust out your sexy man-kini for this event.

Ahem-Most of all, I am jealous of your harem of very talented chefs. I’m sure our invite was “lost in the mail”.

Gail Simmons of Food & Wine Magazine (@gailsimmons) and Pimp Master Chef Eric Ripert (@ericripert)

So what have we learned today? French guys get all the chicks.


Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

P.S. If it matters, it’s frickin frigid here in Cleveland.