Let’s talk about something as simple as wasabi.

Most restaurants blob on this ridiculously gigantic lump of wasabi in the middle of your shoyu dish or soy sauce plate.

Unweildly lump of wasabi

Wasabi should not look like a large crusty unnatural booger.

C’mon peeps. You go through all this work in prepping your sushi and making it nice and visually appealing to your patrons. Maybe for 2011, you ought to look at your other stuff too…like your supportive dishes. Because something so small, to me, really does make a difference.

Personally, I like it when the wasabi is presented like a caterpillar on the outskirts of the dish because it looks organized, conformist and measurable (nice work Gyotaku in Pearl City, Hawaii). I can then titrate as much as I want without the rest of the wasabi getting involved like the creepy neighbor.

Nice wasabi

Whether I need a hint of wasabi or a clean out my sinus portion-I can totally adjust the amount of wasabi I need.

Adjust as much as needed

And patrons, try not to drown/submerge your sushi in it either.

This dunka dunka is not cool

Let’s respect the food…and be dainty with sushi.

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