Late as usual, QLF attended a blogger event last night at Whole Foods in University Heights (@WholeFoodsUHts).

Whole Foods in University Heights

Thanks to Alicia from @PoiseinParma and WholeFoods University Heights for organizing the event on behalf of the Cleveland Chapter Ohio Bloggers Association.

Here’s our short recap of the discussions:

*Lotsa funny bloggers here in NE Ohio.

*Whole Foods as some pretty solid prepared foods (Thanks Chef Lauren).

*Try not to stare at people’s name tags as they are usually placed on boobs.

*The Whole Foods wine gal continues to follow me around the store.

*Hawaii food obsessions

*Some people who I thought were weird, were actually pretty cool.

*The Greenhouse Tavern and Chef Sawyer’s new adventures.

*Lucky’s breakfasts: biscuits and Gravy vs Corned beef hash vs Reuben

*Lotsa fit/healthy bloggers out there in Cleveland.

*Food texture is a problem. (Thanks to @dawgpndgirl for the lovin commentary)

*Sorority girl stories didn’t quite play out as I thought in my mind.

*Some people do not like Spam (we’ll fix that).

*Pleaded with GLBC to bring back Imperial Dortmunder. PLEASE?!?!?!??!?

*Super detailed food conversation with Lisa (@WholeFoodsUHts) – i.e. she moaned when I said porn

Bloggers attending – (Thanks to Alicia @PoiseinParma

Of those attended: 17 chicks and 3 dudes. Sounds like a frickin porno to me. 

Sexy time...

Oh yeah, when asked to describe our blog, I just said “Food porn”.

Munchamuncha bitches.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…