So we headed South to check out a rather newer burger joint called Metro Burger in Akron.

Pretty standard entrance w/ easy to order counters and clipboards.

Burger Bar in Akron

Standard sodas and beverages offered with your meals. But do you see what caught our eye?


Look closer.

Aww yeah. Any place that embraces social media will earn a few extra points in our book. It’s 2011 – embrace social media.

If Betty White is using social media, you should too

BTW-I don’t think MvF will be bellying up to the bar for this small challenge.

Like the warm-blooded Americans, we ordered a burger with about everything on it with the replacement Onion rings.

1/3 lbs burger!

Burger was delicious and seasoned well. Nice work on the slightly melted cheese too. Also liked the classic bun vs this “whole wheat movement”.

8/10 - good

Also note a gentle crisp on the burger itself. Lovely and delicious.

Nice touch

Additionally, we opted for the vegi burger with sweet potato fries.

Veggie-o-rama burger

On the veggie burger, get the mushrooms and gouda – it makes the veggie burger for sure.

Sweet potato fries are good…well seasoned and nicely crisped. Also enjoyed the retro packaging too. Is that Mr. Potato Head?

Onion rings we OK, nothing fancy.

Our signature move: Onion Rings

They are real onions inside.

Real onions for onion rings

I’d rate them a B.

The overall quick service and modern fun interior made this place a rather fun eats.

What-the-what?!?!? No dick jokes, no innuendos, no seductive succulent sauces here…I would classify as a vanilla quickie work lunch.

Nothing to write home about. BUT comparatively, we still believe the best burger in the world can be found here.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…