In honor of Chinese New Year, our line went old school…like back in the village kine old school.

Last night’s villager menu included: jook, mabo tofu, Szechuan garlic mushroom pork with ong choy, and rice.

Jook: Boil a bone for 4 hours, garlic, rice, mushrooms, mung bean. Add green onions and chili as needed/desired

Mabo tofu-Ground pork/beef, make brown sauce little spicy w/ garlic, add tofu, and green onions

Close up? Here's your money shot...

Szechuan garlic mushroom pork with ong choy: fire and send. Easy right?

No worries, we get plany rice!

Courses fit for Emperors and Kings! Sadly this type of Chinese cuisine really fed poor farmers and the working class…which is just fine with us.

To quote Bourdain, “…in the heart of every great chef is a Chinese cook…” But more importantly, and is usually left off, the rest of Bourdain’s quote, “…I also believe that all great cuisines emanate from conditions of poverty and scarcity.”

Profound indeed Chef Bourdain.

Either aristocracy or #aintgottadime, do share this 2011 Chinese New Year with people you love because friends and family are really the backbone of our best meals.

Kung Hee Fat Choy everyone!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….