California Pizza Kitchen, your Chinese Chicken Salad sucks.


In our opinion, for the last 15 years, this salad has gone from a “MUST HAVE” to a “DONT ORDER” category.

Why? Why so bad? This is a poor example of a salad! Yes, Chef Wolfgang Puck just stabbed himself in the eye. Ouch.

Historically, this salad has LETTUCE in it….so lets take a walk down memory lane.

Yes, I see that is lettuce


Back in the day (Thanks to

That was then….This is now.

Current day CPK Chinese Chicken Salad - no thank you. Blah.

Clearly this salad is poorly dressed w/ gigantic chunks of cabbage and microplaned cabbage doesn’t make for a happy customer. Ahem-I NO SEE NO LETTUCE! The additional of misshapen carrots and chunks makes me think they are looking for fillers. Blah. Also, the chicken was cold…like defrosting from the freezer cold. When your salad bits are warmer than your chicken bits…there needs to be better prep time. I christen this….the CPK Filler.

CPK’s Chinese Chicken Salad…This dish should be called “Irresponsible cabbage salad w/ assorted fillers” – Blah.

Thanks to California Pizza Kitchen in Lyndhurst (Legacy Village) – This particular dish has been moved to “NO ORDER”.

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