Thanks to @HappyDogCLE, we have our answer on how to appropriately dress your tots.

It all started with this lackluster oder of whiz:

Squirt canned whiz? WTF?

Hilariously, even the staff proclaimed, “Yeah, our whiz is kinda embarassing…Nacho cheese is where it’s at.”

Thanks to Philly, our impression of whiz is the famous cheesesteak.

Now THIS is the appropriate whiz...Daaaammmnn

And it comes from these large cans.

Now that's a MFer can of whiz!

Sadly, Happy Dog doesn’t adhere to these rules. Gino and Pats would bitch slap Happy Dog for serving the miniscule amount of whiz.

So to aid in your tot-tastic-time, and in the famous words of Billy Mays, “Here’s how to order!”

Step-1: Order the tater tots at Happy Dog in Cleveland (@HappyDogCLE)

Tater Tots...morsels of deep-fried love

Step-2: get some bacon…cause it’s good for you.

Hit it

Step-3: Order the nacho cheese on the side.

The only good way to get nacho cheese...squirt squirt

Step-4: Dip your balls tots and enjoy.

Any questions?

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Additional thanks in this post to our new Habanero Specialist Liz.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…