Sausage off!

We did a short comparison of portuguese sausages today with our line: Rego’s (our current favorite) and Pacific Sausage.

And if you’re going to ask…both are from Hawaii.

Battle Portuguese Sausage: Rego's vs Pacific

Comparatively, the Pacific Brand Sausage is darker and more grey like.

Pacific (top) vs Rego's (bottom)

The insides, the pacific sausage is more processed, as in more ground up.

a more fine ground in the Pacific Sausage

Rego’s seems to have more chunks of stuff. Au naturel.

Rego's with chunks stuffed in

Now, I’m sure you’ve all seen many pictures of Rego’s cooking….so here’s a picture of the Pacific cooking.

Pacific Sausage cooking away

Finished product – side-by-side comparison.

Pacific on the left / Rego's on the right

Finished product insides.

Finished insides Pacific (L) vs Rego's (R)

Texturally, it seems that Rego’s has the advantage. Finely processed and completely minced isn’t that great.

Pacific (far left) vs Rego's (center and right)

Our choice? QuarryLaneFarms still endorses Rego’s as our preferred portuguese sausage.

More about Portuguese Sausage?

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Speaking of my sausage...

Alohas everyone!

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