All this talk about Cleveland’s Jump Back Ball. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!?!!??!

In fact, @seanski82 mentioned the Jump Back Ball last week at XYZ Tavern and still, we had no clue on what the heck it was.

We initially thought it was this…

Jump + Backs + Ball = Jump Back Ball 2011?

But upon further research, we found that this 20th annual Jump Back Ball supports Playhouse Square.

Passport to Party

Lotsa Cleveland bloggers and twitter celebrities will be attending…but not us. Frak!

Additionally, I hear AMP150 is serving the VIP room too. Dammit!

"Cleveland's Most Eligible Single" Chef Ellis from AMP150 (Thanks to Kyle Lanzer, Sun news)

Great people, great food, great cause – sounds like a great time!

And for those last-minute folks – the event is sold out. Too bad, as I was thinking about wearing my black bow tie to the event…and only my black bow tie.

Well, maybe next year, they will have a Toga theme with kegs and lotsa beer.

Our suggestion for #JBB21 - 2012

Either way, for those attending tonight, enjoy and thanks for supporting Cleveland’s Arts.

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