For those of you on a diet, we suggest doing this.


Robert Irvine and Paula Dean (Food Network hosts)

This picture was sent from Chef Anthony Bourdain (Les Halles) to birthday boy Chef Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin).

Even Guy Fieri wouldn’t do this for ratings. Robert and Paula…sitting in the tree…..

BravoTV and the cast from Top Chef All-Stars are collectively depressed since they JUST had Paula Dean as their featured guest host.

Paula, Padma, Tom, and Chef John Besh from the last episode of Top Chef All Stars

Thanks to the “SoBe Food & Wine Festival 2011” for the picture…clearly should be renamed as “Fugly TV personalities that should impale themselves in the eye with rusty dildos”.


Is this considered food porn?

Barf. Barf.

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