Pretty excited for tonight’s event at The Chefs Garden.

World famous The Chef's Garden

Tonight’s dinner is the monthly event called “Earth to Table Dinner” in which The Culinary Vegetable Institute features a Chef to prepare….what else….a Earth to Table dinner. And tonight is truly about the Veggies.

The Power of the V..........Veggies

And insider reports confirm that the menu Chef Ellis has prepped is veggie-tastic since we’re dining ON THE FARM. Sweetness.

I bet you $10 to park here...

Chef Ellis Cooley from Cleveland’s AMP150 will be tonight’s guest Chef. Initial reports from the insides say that he has some incredible stuff planned tonight. We are freakin’ excited.

Chef Ellis Cooley from AMP150 in Cleveland (Photo credit to @BiteBuff)

In fact, most of our favorite restaurants ascertain their veggies from Chef Farmer Lee Jones…In fact, we need some microgreens. Hmmmmm.

We are always pleasantly surprised to find restaurants across the wold that take the time to order their produce from these great folks in Milan, Ohio. Awesome.

Rumor also has it that we’re sitting next to someone who is hi-lar-i-ous and hot…like milk out your nose funny.

Mahalos to the staff at The Chefs Garden for their help.

So we’re bringing a Cleveland celebrity too…Wanna know who?

QLF's VIP?!?!?!

(In your best Gossip Girl voice) See you on the farm tonight…XOXO bitches.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….