Shhhhhh. My head hurts.

Warm weather in Cleveland = redonklous St. Patrick’s Day festivities.


Highlights from yesterday include:

*Dim and Den Sum‘s outstanding professionalism in the face of a major douche bag John Mr Johnsons (You can read the feud postings here). Despite the angry commentary, Chris worked the philanthropic magic feeding CPD and the men’s shelter.

Dim and Den Sum

Outstanding work lads to the lads from Dim and Den Sum.

*I should make it my mission to get fried bologna sandwiches into the foodie lexicon of nomnom.

Fried bologna #nomnom

Rumor has it that Lola Bistro and Chef Symon (@lolabistro) offers a killer bologna lunch – so I shall have to put that on the list. Thanks Dave (@live2cookathome).

*Strange dog humping my leg (At first I thought it was a leprechaun).

Is that

*Homemade corned beef from a guy toting his own crock pot.

*The theme of 4Bs = Beer, Bourbon, Beads, and Boobs (both male/female) – Definitely in this order.


 *Talk of high quality sushi – Columbus and Cleveland.

*Pizza-When a hot girl hands you pizza…you just follow orders.

Nice lips there Olgakay

*The game of “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine” –  Don’t ask.

*Fried Chicken – Don’t most of you eat fried chicken before blacking out?

Things are still a bit fuzzy, so I shall continue to sip my Gatorade in hopes to return to normal.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…