Yep-Still fat from our visit at FlipSide last night in Hudson with Drunky McDrunkerson and Mrs Mahjong…BTW-we thought their fries were EXCELLENT!

Triple cooked French Fries with salt & herbs

Yes, these fries were finished with truffle oil. Oh yes, good truffle oil makes me feel horny.

Shawn's burger: Fried egg, bacon, farmhouse cheese, flat top onions, spicy pickles, mayo

I know what you’re saying….eggslut right? Heh heh. Well, more on the total review of Flipside later.

But a bigger decision today, we are contemplating entering a Chef competition.

Should we compete? What should we make? Should I wear my speedo? Who wants to be a sous for the day?

Look at your food...not me

Damn these life decisions!

Maybe we should we ponder this over some hickory smoked competition pork butt.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…