One week ago we were freezing our asses off in the cold hoping for a little morsel of food from Setis, Fahrenheit, Traveling Treats, UmamiMoto, Oh Babycakes, Jibaro and DimAndDenSum.

C-Town Chow Down Food Truck Lineup

Our three biggest points to ponder:

1. Lines were too long

2. Extend the duration of event.

3. What entertainment? Next time put them closer.

Well, since there has been so many “colorful” commentaries already published about the Cleveland’s C-Town Chow Down (aka StreetEats) Food Truck meet up located in Lincoln Park (Tremont) – that we figured we would just post our pictures.

Long long lines

No Banh Mi = Booooooooooo


The front at StrEat


4G Hot Spot? Awesome work Chris

Yo Chef Rocco-Smile!

Seti's PooooooooooBoy

Fahrenheit's closeup (for those who never got that close)

Trust me, it's tight in there

Traveling Treats...kinda creepy

As the day wore on, the lines got longer...

...and they started to run out of food...

And then there were a bunch of fat hungry ugly people just standing around - woof

UmamiMoto's forever line



More importantly, there is already other ones setup for Sunday April 24th, 2011 and Sunday May 29th, 2011 and June 26th, 2011  – all from 11a-3p.

And I know they have a Logistics Division, Planning Division, and Operations Division already setup to coordinate the masses. So regardless of the weather and/or the lines –  support your local restaurants and mobile food peeps!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….