Thanks to all the crews, our staff, and all the volunteer assistants we had at the 11th annual Men Who Cook event on Saturday May 14th, 2011 in Akron #AKRowdy.

2011 Summa Health Men Who Cook

Great event supporting SummaHealth’s Palliative Care and Hospice Services. It was definitely busier than I thought.

We planned for about 275 servings in 4 hours….and we were pretty exact on our figuring….except for the 10 lbs of extra lomilomi tomato. Oh well.


Well, I cooked my pork with some Crown.

Crown makes pork happy...

I produced some damn fine Kalua Pig with keawe wood.

Real kine kalua pig

I prepped my lomilomi tomato like a champ.

My mis en place serenaded by Guns & Roses blaring in prep

I set my table up like a Vegas P.I.M.P. Yo check my dice – Dice as big as my……

Yo Sandra, wanna bang on my "Tablescape" ??

I acquired buns-a-plenty…

My firm but pouty buns

People even dressed up…like Elvissss or is it “Elvi”? And a banana…

I should have dressed like Ken Jeong (trunk scene) in the Hangover

Some people got fancy.

Fancy pants cup

We raised alotta dineros and got alotta votes for a good cause.

Dolla bills yo. The rest was stuffed in my pants by the lovely ladies...

Sadly, we didn’t win. Booooooooooooooooo.

Luckily we got interviewed by the Akron Beacon Journal and now featured in their article. Sexy.

It's Funny Because He's Fat

Additionally, we got to chill with Pete Kenworthy (@petekenworthy) from WEWS-5.

Alohas to Pete the Foodasaurus! #Munchamuncha

He’s a pretty cool dude that took 2nd place for his white chicken chili.

Also supposedly @montrosevideo and @housewithastove too….but hey, maybe they were clawing to the bar.

Who won? The winner of our entrée category made beef tenderloin. Shocking. I guess Akron’s complex palate can only be tamed by the most expensive cut of meat.

That kind of duhwinning just drives me to prepare a “richer” cut for 2012. We’re already looking forward to next year’s competition…with a surprise.


Maybe I’ll make them Spam musubis. That delectable speciality will surely quell their voracious Akron appetite.

Winner winner Spam Musubi #munchamuncha

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…