So I spent some time in Akron lately and I did some exploring…and lookey-lookey what I found.

El Paso Taco Truck - in Akron!

Yep, that’s the El Paso Taco Truck (@ElPasoTacoTruck) Traveling taco truck serving Summit, Stark, & Tuscarawas counties. Taqueria movil sirviendo a los condados de Summit, Stary y Tuscarawas.

El Paso Taco Truck

Even their phone number listed is authentic…I think.

So I bellied up to the order/pick-up window and was hit with an overwhelming smell of ass.



"Smells like Phys-Ed!" - Chunk, Goonies 1985

The gal peeked around the corner from the rear and mumbled, “You come back in 20 minutes later” and scampered back.

1. I clearly did not have time to wait 20 minutes for ball sack smelling tacos.

2. Welcome to NE Ohio. This isn’t your shit hole town you can beer shits slide your way with mediocre food and a less-than-awesome twitter account and expect to “survive”. We here are accustomed to superior food, extraordinarily friendly food service folks, and a social-media campaign that bangs your sweaty naked body on the kitchen table all night long…and yet still manages to buy you and your hot sister breakfast the next day.

3. If you call yourself a “traveling taco truck” – you probably ought to travel. Your blocks and stabilizers isn’t fooling anyone.

Look-if you want to see how it’s done, pause a moment and see what you’re up against.

Welcome to the big leagues boys...

Despite being Summit, Stark, or Tuscarawas – you prob ought to step up your game…or go back to El Paso.

Don’t forget to change your twitter handle to @ElPasoTacoTrailer too.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…