We’ve been traveling alot lately…so we figured we’d give the new UAL/CO flight food a try.


BTW-We hope this merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines goes smoothly cause right now, my relationship with them is rocky due to their logisitical nightmare illegitimate flight numbering system.

Flying high above the Rockies, the flight attendant asked if I wanted a mid-flight snack.

In my head: Is she talking about my first “Mile High Club” request?

Um, you want my schnack?

From my mouth: “You want me to eat your what??”

Luckily she laughed and asked me again about their inflight food service, adding she liked the Thai Chicken Wrap as it’s the newest and most flavorful of the snacks.

With a quick swipe of my debit card for $7.95 – I was the proud owner of this.

UAL/CO - Thai Chicken Wrap

Good idea from UAL/CO to keep the sauce separate otherwise all mush in a wrap is not good eats.

Sauce me...Wait, does that say 2.5g of Saturated Fat?

Split in two, the interior of this Thai Chicken Wrap was everything BUT chicken. As you can see, there is a slew of iceberg lettuce and carrots to please any rabbit.

Um, it says Chicken in the name...

Sauce on the wrap helped because without the sauce, it tasted like I was eating “my very own complimentary copy” of SkyMall.

SkyMall needs some sauce....bleh

As you can see, the “chicken” portion vs lettuce portion in this wrap was tiny.

Where's the Chicken!?!??!

Like my nuts on a cold wintry day, the amount of chicken was smaller than one chicken McNugget. Yep, less than one frickin chicken McNugget.

So lets review:

1. Creative food naming is the name of the game. Don’t be fooled.

2. Get sauced before flight so you just sleep.

3. If you HAVE to…Bring/Buy your own meal before you get on the plane.

Hope your mile high dreams come true…Mine didn’t.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…