It’s weird right?

Every place I seem to go, all the locals say they are more weirder than other towns. Ie…”You know that phrase “Keep it weird Austin” or “Keep Portland weird” – well I can tell you for sure, the folks in Asheville, North Carolina are keeping up with the Jones’.

As we cruised the “downtown” area, we found an open air hula hoop techno beat in full swing. #unchauncha

Bras and hulahoops...cue the techno musica!

They said this was a normal occurrence on a Wednesday. Hmmm.

Either way, on a recommendation from a few of our food maniacs (@Cleveland222 and @khwatts) we opted to try Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Asheville, NC.

Tupelo Honey Cafe #munchamuncha

Described as “different Southern” cooking – we were obviously skeptical. #hopetheydonthaveaZed

But inside was totally casual with a good mix of people in suits, and shorts/t-shirt. Staff was super friendly and helpful in choosing dinner options.

Very southern casual eatery

They were right – the menu is all about southern cooking.

The menu

Particularly two of the more popular dishes Shrimp and Grits and Pork Chops were the two reigning favorites.

Just a few of the staff favorites...

Also a long list of sides made our day…cause we wanted all of them.

Yes, we had 13 of these southern sides....DE-FREEKIN-LICIOUS!

Now here’s where the restaurant takes the road less traveled: Say hello to homemade biscuits with namesake honey and jam.

biscuits with honey and jam - PERFECT SOUTHERN!

I’ve tasted the magic of homemade biscuits. Heaven! I consider this now the gold standard (instead of bread/butter). Bob Evans do all of us a favor – stop making crap biscuits.

And since we sat right by the expiditer’s area, our mouth’s were drooling the entire time gawking at the line’s portion control size problems.

Cause its all about the size...

I beveraged myself with a French Broad Wee-Heavy-Er Scotch Ale which seemed to be the standard local scotch ale. Not earth shattering, but good.

Marinated Chargrilled Bone-In Peachy Pork Chops: Three four-ounce pork chops are topped with our own Peach Fennel Salsa and served with a side of smashed root vegetables and seasonal garnish – $15.95

Normally I shy away from grilled pork chops because they are usually overprepared. But these chops were succulent, flavorful and delicious! Delicious peach salsa with fennel was the perfect southern topping on these gargantuan pieces of pork. The root veggies were great and garlicky and paired well with the chops.

Marinated Chargrilled Bone-In Peachy Pork Chops

Definitely order again!

Side of Jicama Apple Slaw

I really don’t get Jicama very often, but if I could, I’d make this every day. Sweet, sour, salty and absolutely crunchy.

Jicama Apple Slaw

Awww yeah babe.

Not your Mama’s Meatloaf: Your mama never had Hickory Nut Gap Farm’s hormone-free mountain-raised beef to make her loaf. But we do and we top it with rosemary tomato shallot gravy and serve it with a side of scratch-made mac and cheese and a seasonal garnish with a side of fried okra – $14.95

Down home great meatloaf – just the way a southern mama would make it. Great gravy. Also loving the descriptors too.

Southern Meatloaf from Tupelo Honey Cafe

I’d munch Tupelo’s mama every day for this meatloaf.

Also we love the southern classic fried okra. Delicious and the perfect add for meatloaf. Yo beans – take a hike.

They must have known about our arrival, cause the flowers reminded me of Hawaii.

Great eats in Asheville, NC

Much Alohas to the staff and line at Tupelo Honey Cafe for a great meal and super friendly staff.

Keep up the great work turning out great food! We’ll be back for sure.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…