Tending to the fields today here at QuarryLaneFarms.

Worked on a few irrigation/watering problems in the tomato patch – no worries, all is well. A few pictures from “our boots on the ground” team for you-

Our supah hot peppers are starting to come in.

Pepper me this....

Our herb troughs are bountiful as the parsley, thyme oregano, etc…

No officer....they're just herbs!

Not gonna lie, there’s been more than one occasion that you’d find me eye level in herbs just smelling.

And of course our green onion patch.

Our little forest of green onions

I’m telling you, even if you have a black thumb, I’m convinced that you can grow green onions.

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the Dad’s out there #munchamuncha

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…