It seemed like forever ago that Menchie’s was constructing in Woodmere – right in NE Ohio.

Menchie's - Under construction in April 2011

We were stoked for NE Ohio to get into the yogurt game!

These days, it seems like I can’t even see the front of the store from this long ass line.

Long lines = no Menchie's for me!

People of Cleveland: Get with the trend and stop holding up the line. We suggest that you do some research on yogurt places before going…this way, you don’t look like a fatass dumbass frickin idiot causing chaos when choosing your flavors and toppings.

Even this tough guy has the Menchie’s yogurt thing down.

Issac - Our personal Menchie's Ambassador!

Happy solstice folks.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…