As you are well aware, we’ve been doing alot of traveling lately.

In fact so far in June/July, we,ve been to over 14 states for various projects!

Can I have some warm nuts please?

But a few quick notes as we try to gain our bearings and sort out all of our adventures around the US.

Trudging through San Francisco, we really got a chance to see some beautiful sights, great people, and weather (Hmmm, no fog).

Beautiful San Francisco!

But the stereotypical Boudin sourdough loaf was the SF treat/sound that I longed to hear.

Say hello to my Boudin Sourdough.

French bread, sourdough bread, etc....

Easily found at various locations throughout the city, this staple of sourdough bread is mainly considered the gold marker of SF sourdough. Perfect for crusty dipping into rich sauces or just straight up french action for silky butter on toasted bread…this warm sourdough is what I’d cuddle up to on a cold evening in February. #Breadinmypants


Check out the nice crust w/ the stop split just waiting to be squeezed.

Squeeze me bitches!

As you can see, interior has got some nice air which contrasts the firm crispy shell outside.

Sourdough soft airy insides

You could almost rub this chewy insides on your face and soak up the sourness of the bread.

nom nom nom

Anyone who knows bread knows that the two most important tests is the smell and squeeze test.

Quick note: if you’re buying 6-10 loaves of sourdough for your return trip, make sure you pass the TSAs/Airlines baggage requirements.

Clearly, I was “that guy”….

"Your carry on luggage must fit within the red square..."

Pardon while I munchamuncha 2 loaves of sourdough in the airport terminal at SFO. Thanks CO….I mean UAL.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…