For a quick stop back in Cleveland, we trotted down to Zinc Bistro (@ZincBistro668).

The evening was beautiful and outdoor seating is always bonus points in our books. Located in an odd location at 668 Euclid Ave, welcome to Zinc Bistro.

Smells like Zinc Bistro

Cause to us, the plant and location is a bit odd…ie more of a business lunch place than Friday drinks kinda place.

Walking in, we were greeted by this Blowup Sphen and this gal. Must be a bachelorette party or a sex demo. Either way, looking good so far.

I gotta try this position...

Live music A cacophonous racket was onstage performing some sort of America’s Got No Talent. Clearly admitted lawyers who think they can sing…but can’t.

These lawyers should prosecute themselves for bad singing...

Stick to your day jobs guys. The world needs more…ahem…lawyers.

We were still hungry for after dinner schnacks, but……the overwhelming smell of stank continued throughout our stay. Like warm raw shrimp left out for hours…like harm ha left opened for days….like room temperature fish left out in the sun…


Prior to this, we’ve heard mixed reviews on the food. Some good, most really bad. But this visit? Order food? Honestly, we felt uncomfortable ordering any food!

Here’s a consumer tip: If you walk into a fishmonger and you are overwhelmed by the “fishy” smell, you should leave. Your “fishmonger” should keep fresh stock of stuff for everyone…and clean workplace…and never should the fishy smell intoxicate your senses.

"Smells like Phys-ed!"

So to our first official review of Zinc Bistro: Fishy, stale, and warm raw shrimp smell…basically stank.

We suggest a lot of fans…like windtunnel’s worth.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….