Back to Portland…and their bikini baristas!

That’s right, almost all Portlanders are proud of their basic two beverages: Coffee or Beer.

As we headed to meetings, something…caught the eye.

What's that pink thing over there?

Awwwww yeah, it says “Hot Bikini Brew” – The best of all my worlds.

So on a bright 88-degree unPortland sunny day, I pulled into this hazy dream shack located in a parking lot.

Hot Bikini Brew's Downtown fancy location

Obviously pleasantly surprised by the prices as they are just about equal to Starbucks prices.

Menu and prices at Hot Bikini Brew

My special Bikini Barista? Ashley. xoxo.

My Bikini Barista's tip jar (see-it's civilized)

She’s in college….she’s in nursing school….whatever.

Nice to see a smiling face with my cup of coffee.

Hot-check. Bikini-check. Brew-check.

So despite the horror stories: she was in a bikini, not naked, no happy endings…just coffee.

Hot liquids around scantily clad collegiate girls…Hmmm, they must have a great SOPs for safety huh?

And my first sip?'s an afternoon snack

Yups, its coffee.

So if you HAVE to change-up your daily grind and need an equally priced coffee-this place has got it all.

BTW-there are 60 other bikini espresso stands that you can visit too – just click here.

Support Portland’s local dancers college girls and get your FourSquare check-in at “Hot Bikini Brew” in Portland.

Your Father would be proud of that check in. Us too.

Travel Hard.

Reporting live from a bank line from returning all my dollar bills…