Spending time in Columbus Ohio bothers me.

Apparently the glut of chain restaurants are suffocating Columbus. This place should be renamed #Boringville cause I haven’t seen an individual restie.


Lunch today was rather bland – But it included this surprising vat of love.

Cheezy goodness

3 types of melted cheese with chunks of chorizo. Served with chips and/or warm tortilla shells…dip as you please.


1. Haven’t a clue on what it’s called (It’s not queso).

2. All this cheese probably wasn’t very healthy.

3. Don’t know how much it costs (I think it was $6).

BUT-I love it. I’d put this melty cheezy sausagie molten mess on an 80-year-old prostitute’s flabby belly and I’d lick it out of her crusty sagging rusted belly button ring. It’s that cheezy good.

I'll give you a table dance after I finish my Metamuecil

I bet you pictured it didn’t you?

But to my rescue come the Cleveland Food Nerds: @Live2cookathome @ruhlman @Jonathon_sawyer @PoiseInParma @heidi_robb with some great food recs.

So I’m projecting a night of NorthStar, Skillet, and Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog House.

Dirty Frank’s…sounds like my kinda place.

Reporting live from Cbus’ overpopulated of chain eateries.