So as I tool around Columbus, I am bewildered by the glut of chain restaurants.

Now everyone from Cbus will tell you that this entire area is the official proving grounds for chain restaurants for survivability. Yeah right…cause every city says the same thing.

But as I did some research, my food family from Cleveland chimed in. @live2cookathome @PoiseInParma @heidi_robb @Jonathon_saywer and @ruhlman @Twixlen all recommended this North Star Cafe place with emphatic hallelujah.

North Star Cafe in Columbus

The overwhelming food recommendation? Veggie burger.

WTF? How could a veggie burger calm my Cbus fears!??!!?

But of course, skeptical me as I said of no vag vegitarian love with this meatasaurus. But with all the celebrity status and SM outcry on twitter, I decided to pacify the mob and try this specific burger.

The parking lot sucks in Easton. Lots of angry soccer moms flipping off people makes almost an afternoon of just parking your vehicle.

Parking lot = minivan madness

Upon entering, the cashiers take your order at the front counter. You then slide over to the drink station and fill your heart’s content. Most impressive to me…was the three different types of water. “Cold” vs “Ambient” or “Bubbly” were my options.

Now THIS is a water fountain!

I took “Cold” and “Bubbly”

Choices in water? YES

The restaurant was relatively busy, but seats were easy to come by. Additionally, there’s a smaller landing upstairs so if you decided on upper level veranda seating, you can check out the upper deck.

Many seating options

Kitchen staff were busy moving orders along.

North Star Cafe kitchen staff in the groove

And once ordered, you are issued an old-school scantron like sheet/card identifier used to help identify your order as it pops out from the line. Thanks to the staff who explained the whole process to me.

My card number thingy

On arrival, it honestly looked like an ordinary burger. Nothing fancy. And yes, there are no fries w/ the order.

Northstar Burger – Just made with organic brown rice, black beans, and beets, topped with white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion + simple salad – $12.50

Northstar Burger

Upon closer inspection, you can see the grit and texture that these beans bring to the party. Also the warmed sesame seed bun – delicious!

As you can see, layering was great and proportionally it was well-balanced.

Don’t be afraid cause this burger was pretty big.

Cause it's all about the size...

Simple side salad (not fries) was a rough chop of assorted lettuce and stems of cabbage with crutons.

Served with a simple salad

First bite? Freakin delicious. SO good.

First bite = in love

The hint of barbeque flavoring is delicious and the brush of mustard/sauce mixed with the white cheddar was perfect.


For me? It’s the texture and taste. Preformed machined patty shaping kept the innards together cause this ain’t your Daddy’s burger.

Despite eating less than 20 veggie burgers in my lifetime and the avalanche of veggie burger jokes – I will not be a card-carrying meatatarian while in Columbus because this is the best veggie burger I’ve ever had.

There. I said it.

Mahalos to the staff at North Star Cafe in Easton. Much kudos to the great meal.


Reporting live from Cbus with my first official approved veggie burger card.