Skipping down the isles of Whole Foods in University Heights (@WholeFoodsUHts) yesterday, I am so glad to see Chris.

Whole Foods in University Heights (corner of Warrensville Cntr Rd x Cedar Rd)

Her smile and orange overalls amongst the fishes all day long is a very comforting sight.

Did I ever tell you that you should forge a close relationship with your local fishmonger? Trust me and Alton on this one-just do it.

So with special guests in town for a birthday celebration, we decided on turning this….

Fresh NEVER frozen Ahi (aka tuna)

…now everyone in the pool…

now mixamixa

…into this.

Ahi Shoyu Tobiko Poke

Who doesn’t love Ahi Shoyu Tobiko Poke?!!?!?

BTW-As you can see, ahem Fire, I won’t spell Haupia incorrectly (Haupio my ass). Haole. #notgoingtonight

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