So our first trip to NoodleCat during their first week was a bit chinsey.

But as promised, we decided to return to try the same and different dishes. And we are glad we did as there are huge differences just between week-1 and week-3.

Broiled Rice Balls w/ market spice blend – $3

NoodleCat’s broiled rice balls  w/ market spice blend during the first week

Week-1: drowning in sauce with soggy nori


NoodleCat’s broiled rice balls  w/ market spice blend during the third week.

Week-3: Broiled rice balls w/ crisp nori


Nice work to Chef Sawyer (@jonathon_sawyer) and Chef Reilly (@BrianReilly43) for going from swimming to separate. Also no one enjoys soggy nori…so we are all thankful for this improvement.

Also had much more flavor in the rice balls than before with the use of vadouvan spice.  This time, much less sesame oil and more curry – hint of Asian with a punch of Indian.

**Ahem–Note to all other foodies out there: Told you so..TOLD YOU SO…cause Chefs actually listen to their patron’s commentary.

BTW-during dinner, we had our own personal light show thanks to Chef Jonathon Sawyer who was in-house last night fussing with the lights.

Light on...light off....light on....light off.....

Glad to see him master the lighting in the bar area as he strobed it up for us. He’s freakin’ hilarious.

Things are getting bigger and better at NoodleCat. Can’t wait to go there again!

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