After rewatching the episode that Chef Anthony Bourdain (@NoReservations) preaches his love for bottarga, I had to have some.

No Reservations shoot in Sardinia

Even his wife’s thick Sardinian accent made this salted grated fish roe sound so unbelievable.

Ottavia Bourdain - I'd hit that - HAWT (Photo court Splash)

Basically they take the pouch full of roe from mullet or tuna and then salt cure it for 1-2 weeks.


After salt curing, grate as needed.

Voila – you have bottarga.

So I saw it on the menu as a side at NoodleCat (@noodle_cat) so I had to order it.

Bottarga from NoodleCat

I was not impressed.

I was hoping to be punched in the fishy face – but I was dainty greeted with wisps of barely there fish.

I got more action in a tide pool on a windy day.

Maybe I just needed some fresh pasta w/ olive oil for #mixamixa of Bottarga.

I guess I’ve never seen Bottarga served at a Japanese noodle house before.

Maybe I should sprinkle Bottarga on Ottavia…

Ottavia Bourdain takes off her shirt onstage (Photo court of Miaminewtimes)


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