Governor Cuomo apparently has made several nookie runs.

Ultimate nookie run...

Well, it appears that NY Governor Cuomo used the state of New York’s plane and helicopter to catch a piece of tail from his current girlfriend.

The Govenor likes it Semi-Homemade

My Semi-Homemade Food Network piece of ass is quite enticing. Maybe she’s baking more than just Toll House cookies.

Food Network's Semi-Homemade Sandra Lee (Thanks to Roth and Exposay)

Thanks to the hard work from the reporters at AP for this sordid story.

Oh Food Network-did you approve this relationship? I bet your goodie-2-shoes network types are having a heart attack now. Heh heh.


BTW-Where do I sign up for these “Official” NY nookie runs? I’d like a ticket.

Do you think she got a “ride” too?

You may now unfasten your seatbelt to get some nookie...

How do you say “Mile High Club” in New Yorker speak?

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…