All this cold weather? What happened to summer?

Now…..what could we smoke that reminds us of summer?

As one of our signature dishes, our ribs are an easy winner everytime…easy like your sister’s phone number to remember.

Hot lines are now open

So in honor of our Summer Fall, we decided on some classic smoked keawe pork ribs. Onolicious right?

Step-1. Pork ribs

Step-2. Dry rub (we prefer the Bronzeville Rib Rub from the Chicago Spice House @TheSpiceHouse )

Step-3. BGE

Step-4. Presoaked keawe wood chips.

Step-5. Maintain temp between 250-275 (low and slow)

Maintain temp: Low and slow (like your mom)

Step-6. Rack the Ribs and start your timers.

15 minutes in the smoker. Looking good so far

30 minutes in...and we're starting to see some of that bark...

45 minutes in, nice bark forming...turning to G-B-D!

60-minutes in, bark holding well. Deep rich beautiful crust

75-minutes in and Keawe woodchips/smoke performing well. Almost there....

90-minutes and done. Check out that Keawe wood smoke penetration!!???!!?

Oh, you mean "succulent and sexy"

Juicy, perfectly cooked...awwww yeah!

The combination of bark and juicy keawe smoked ribs is a perfect fall....ahem....summer time gathering

See, don’t you want some ribs now?

C’mon by and place your orders!

Its Aloha Friday…No work till Monday…

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…