I. Am. So. Awesome Embarassed.

So late night travels with no breakfast, no lunch and of course no dinner….means only one thing – 4th meal.

Cause no one wants a hangry dude.

Hard taco 4 life

On the spot-I decided it was a very collegiate night so I ordered 10 soft tacos. Maybe they’ll give me that neato box #NOT

Awwww yeah #HAWT

Lets think back to college cause at my alma mater, the Taco Bell option was heaven compared to the cafeteria plan.

Perfection in a little wrapper!

I won’t even get into the discussion of “meatlike” vs “meat”

Looks like meat to me...sorta

Just a nice little guy.

Eat me bitches~!

The first 8 slid down fast…the last two were questionable.

I’m not sure if I should mount these wrappers to the wall as a badge of glory or something…

Plethora of wrappers...aka badges of glory

Well, 12:30a and I devoured 10 soft tacos. I am king!

On a related note, I was up at 2:30a showing the toilet who’s boss.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…