Shhhhhhhhh, Great Lakes Brewing Company has Imperial Dortmunder back on tap starting last night.

And like troopers, we were last night, beer after beer after beer…dunzo…and playing trivia…sorta.

I blame SexyTimeJulie, The MusubiGuac King and TheSnoozie for this Tuesday romp to @GLBC_Cleveland cause who goes boozing on Tuesdays!??!!?

First sip in 4 years - I love you Imperial Dortmunder

Last few times we were all at Great Lakes, I remember

1. @jztucci – the Princess of #TWSS jokes

2. Cleveland’s hottest bartender Leigh serving me up magical beers

3. a parrot perched on a shoulder

#slizzard? frunk? It’s all just a bit fuzzy…..

Ahem, I know how everyone extols the virtues of GLBC’s festive Christmas Ale. Delicious, strong, and tasty (#TWSS). FYI-rumor around the CLE is that it will be released in a few weeks.

Frosty pint for some frosty Imperial Dortmunder

But in my humble opinion, Imperial Dortmunder is the best beer from GLBC.

So to everyone else, drink all the GLBC Christmas Ale you want…as I shall sip swig guzzle Imperial Dortmunder all by myself.

And yes, don’t talk to me today. I’m hungover.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…