I was skeptical cause grilled watermelon just sounded weird.

Pretty flowers

No not that weird.

But after hearing the Quaker Exec talk about a dude from Chicago with his love for music, food, grills…and he blogs about it – well, I guess I had to try it out.

We utilized the Food Fidelity “Watermelon Man” post as our guide for this after dinner snack. We marinated the watermelon w/ 4.5 hours of lemon juice. Prior to grilling, we sprinkled w/ brown sugar (slight variation from orig recipe) and fresh basil. Rinds down on medium high for 10 minutes…it came off steaming and warm.

Hot off the grill

First off, warm watermelon was a shock to all of our systems as I guess all of us *think* of watermelon as refreshing cool/cold snack.

Second, a more generous sprinkling of sugar and more basil was definitely a good idea. More robust flavors = more happy mouths.

More brown sugar and fresh basil please

So our watermelon didn’t look as good as FoodFidelity’s watermelon.

More importantly, we ventured outside our normal realm of “safe” foods and tried something different.

And it was delicious.

I’d gladly add this to our summer dessert list/menu for the summertime fun.

Reporting from QuarryLaneFarms…